Strawberry Almond Poppy Halva - 8oz


Not too long ago, somebody said unto us, "No No No." We replied in kind by saying, "Yes Yes Yes." It doesn't really matter so much what that conversation was about; probably something boring related to fiduciary obligations, or what have you. But if you take a moment to parse that 'conversation' and retain the important part, "Yes Yes Yes," you get Strawberry Almond Poppy, where the Yesses represent "Strawberry Almond Poppy". It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Strawberries, with their awe-inspiring color, intoxicating aroma, and sweet and fruity beauty; they clearly represent a "Yes." And we'll just go ahead and tell you what else definitely doesn't represent a "No," and that's the almond. These blistered California almonds... "YES". And what of the poppy seed, with its delicate, crunchy, diminutive demeanor and potently nutty flavor; does this angel of a seed not deserve a "Yes?" Rhetorical. This is such a wonderful, and frankly, surprising medley of flavors that all we could keep shouting at each other was, "Yes Yes Yes!" So you can see how this all comes together.

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